I like the way God shoots straight with me—even when I’m suffering from heart-break! One morning He gave me a devotion that really put it on me by using this verse: “For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? Do not even the publicans the same?” (Matthew 5:46) You see, I was lolling around in self-pity because someone I love had rejected me.

Amidst those pitiful feelings, God gave me this challenge: If I am loving only because I have an expectation that love will be returned, then I’m not loving at all. Ouch! Here I thought I would find satisfaction in giving all this great self-sacrificial love—and I still didn’t feel satisfied! Instead, I was hurt. Why? Well, my disappointment revealed that my “love” was selfish—because I held an expectation that my love would be returned by the person I loved. Why should I expect love from others when only God is love? If I do, I’ll be disappointed, and furthermore, if that is my motive, then I’m just like the dishonest tax collector (publican) that Jesus talked about!  

God sure crashed my pity party!

He revealed that I was heartbroken over lost love because I made love about me, and that isn’t love at all. I needed to take “me” out of the equation, and love without reservation. I shouldn’t be seeking reciprocity in my friendships—only the joy that comes from loving without an agenda. So, I should be looking for those God puts in my life who are in need of kindness and compassion, and—give freely!  

God gives it to me straight up! I’m so thankful that I have Him—and more importantly, that He has me in His hands! This lesson has dispelled my disappointment and increased my determination to love without reservation, and thus, avoid disappointment! 

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