Before I came to know God’s goodness, I had a very self-revealing experience. Early one morning, I dreamed I was snuggled up to a corpse. It was so horrible it woke me up! My next thought was—that’s exactly what it looks like when I hold onto the way I was before God gave me new life through Christ. My sin cozies me right up next to the rottenness of the world and distances me from the freshness of God’s love. Suddenly my mind went into my old-self knee-jerk thinking—and I asked: “Oh No! What’s God going to require I give up this time?” Wow—my view of God was so wrong—and, He was about to reveal this to me!

Later that morning, as I was thinking about doing something special with my son, God reminded me of this verse, “If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?” (Matthew 7:11)

Then I thought, “why do I think that clinging to my old, sinful ways is somehow GOOD for me?”

It was, in part, because my mind has been trained to believe that God is “out to get me” instead of “love me!” It is also because I don’t know Him as I should. How can I forget that His love took away judgment and put grace and mercy in its place? If I believe in God’s love, then I believe that God has an even greater good planned for me than I have for my own children. Yes, my children sin; and yes, there are consequences—not because I want them to live a miserable life and miss out on all the good, but because I want them to have the joy which comes from doing things the right way!  

When I cling to the stinky corpse of evil thoughts and wrong actions, it makes me stinky like the corpse. Is my desire for revenge on someone going to give me joy? No, it makes me just like the person who did me wrong. God has good  planned for me in His  way! I’m thankful for this crazy dream because I remember pictures better than words. I want to know God even better, so I will fall in love with Him and live the full, vibrant life He has planned for me!  

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