Once during a Jiu Jitsu lesson, I chipped my tooth. That little chip in my tooth annoyed me so much that I finally called my dentist after an hour and got him to agree to make a special emergency appointment to fix it. Life is that way too. Small choices can make a huge difference. 

What choices lie before me today?

How will they affect me or someone else—for good or for bad?? Will they produce snags or pits for me or others? Or, will they produce health and healing? The Bible says: “For none of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself.” (Romans 14:7) Most of our choices, even small ones, affect us and others—sometimes horribly and sometimes miraculously.  

I think about a choice that Pastor Brian Disney made when I was a child. He drove 50 miles into the backwoods and visit the only neighbor of our hippie family. We were living in the old house next door and had no indoor plumbing and—I’m sure we were a an unruly and wild sight! Well, our neighbor wasn’t home, and Pastor Disney made another choice—he chose compassion. My mom asked him a question about God and despite any physical aversion our circumstances may have impressed upon him, he visited with us instead of leaving. Then, he began to drive all the way out to our boondocks every week to teach a Bible study in our shack. His choices completely changed the course of my life and led me to God. Now, what will I do with my life today to give the same blessing to others?

Each small choice we make today can make a huge positive (or negative) difference! We need to listen to God. He’s the only one who can tell us which choices will eternally change lives. I’m so grateful for Pastor Disney!

Sending our love and prayers to the Disney family after the recent passing of Martha. She was a dear, sweet soul and will be greatly missed!

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