Writing and recording music with the exceptionally talented Jacob Paul, has been an extraordinary journey. One evening, we had the rare opportunity to pause and have dinner. We talked about how God has worked in both of our lives over the years. During my quiet time the next morning, I was thinking about why he continually made such a strong positive impression on me and God showed me that it wasn’t Jacob’s talent that made him extraordinary—rather, it was his humility! This super-talented musician, whom God has used as the key point person in every song I’d released, wasn’t seeking glory for himself; rather, he humbly used his talent to glorify God and provide for his family.

I was reminded of the man Moses of whom the Bible says:

“Now Moses was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth.” (Numbers 12:3)  

Yet—Moses was a prince and the adopted son of the most powerful Pharaoh in the world. Despite his position of greatness, he humbly and courageously, chose to become the leader of a bunch of raggedy slaves. He was so humble that God could use him to do HIS miracles like part the Red Sea and call water out of a rock. AND—he didn’t take the credit for these miracles because he realized they were from God. Moses retained humility, which ultimately made him a Bible Superhero. God’s pure power poured out of him because his pride didn’t block the funnel to God’s strength and wisdom!  

Both Jacob and Moses inspire me to humbly use whatever talent I have for the glory of God; and then watch His power work miracles. Jacob and I don’t write this music—God does. I want to keep it that way so—God can use us to work His miracles. We know that Moses didn’t part the Red Sea; God did. Moses just did what God told him to do—held up his walking stick. Isn’t it exciting to think that God can take our most insignificant abilities, like holding up a stick, and do mighty things like—part a sea? If God can do that great act with a STICK—just imagine what He can do with our TALENT!

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