God’s Word is deep enough to challenge the most intelligent scholar, yet simple enough to be understood by a young child. God’s Word is called the “bread of life” and “living water”—necessities common to all. 

Jesus said, “Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4)  

So how much of HIS WORD do we eat and drink? I’ll confess, I’ve had spiritual anorexia most of my Christian life. I disproportionately fed myself the unhealthy things of this world such as the pursuit of wealth, relationships, career and power because I believed they would satisfy me. Instead—they starved me. I was eating husks and drinking mud. The physical things could never satisfy my soul because my soul was created to be satisfied by God.

But—when I began to taste and see that God is good,  I began to grow and heal. I learned to recognize my necessity for God and that recognition naturally increased the ratio of time I spent with Him. He became the most integral part in all of my pursuits. He became my sustenance for surviving life’s trouble, and enabling me to live in peace, satisfaction, love, power, humility—all for His glory! Now—I’m addicted to Him.

If reading this devotion or church attendance is the only time you spend with God, then—you may be starving yourself! God has a nutritional plan to satisfy you and make you strong and healthy. Become completely connected to Him as your source of nutrition and He will heal you. You will begin to live the miraculous destiny He has planned for your life! 

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