I am always amazed to see how God loves me despite my shameful habits. I have made some really, really shameful decisions in my lifetime—and unfortunately, I still do. Some of my actions are so shameful that I don’t even like to talk about them. However, when I am struggling with my shameful habits, God doesn’t give up on me in disgust—like I often do with others.

I am HIS child. He knows I need help, and He knows I am often too weak to help myself.  It’s so humbling! It makes me think twice about the way I treat others who are also struggling! He is my compassionate Father. I have experienced His love as the Bible speaks of it in Psalms:

“As a father shows compassion to his children, so the Lord shows compassion to those who fear him. For he knows our frame; he remembers that we are dust.”  (Psalms 103: 13-14)  

Dust” is a great description of me—without God. It amazes me how difficult it is for my “dusty” brain to trust Him! When I get desperate, I take my life back and drink the awful dregs of life lived in wisdom of my own way. I settle for so much less than God has for me. He knows this about me. He is so patient. When I finally look up to Him, He reaches down and touches my heart. He reveals that my best future is in His hands. Do I do this for others who are struggling?

God is challenging me to help others with their struggle against sin—the same way He helps me. When you feel like the darkness crushing you, seek Him with your whole heart—no reservations—and He WILL help you. The best help I can ever give you is to point you to Christ. In your struggles—I want you to see His compassion, love, power and wisdom—in me. I want you to know that God’s heart is your home.

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