There are many very special people who dedicate their lives to helping those who cannot be heard. I have a friend who is a registered nurse, and she has saved many babies who likely wouldn’t have lived beyond their mother’s womb but for her selfless actions. It is her mission to help young mothers so they don’t abort their unborn babies. She helps them find food, shelter and clothing, and—she gives from her heart.

Many times, she has dropped everything to take a young mother to the hospital, she’s held her hand while she screamed through labor, and loved on her as she tearfully handed her newborn baby over to be adopted. She “mothers” these young girls and demonstrates the love of the Heavenly Father in a language they understand. The Bible says:

“Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation.” (Psalms‬ ‭68:5‬)

How do others gain this marvelous knowledge about God? It is through us! We get to be His agents to be a father, mother and protector of those who have no one. Wow—how precious a calling God has entrusted us with! Can we look at our life and see evidence that we’re engaging with these people who are precious to God? Jamie is embracing God’s calling. She inspires me to look for ways to be the love of God, especially to those who have no else to show them.  

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