I was thankful for the lesson God taught me when I spent the day with two people—one, who was arrogant, rude, and narcissistic; and, the other, who was sweet and humble. The contrast was extreme, and so was my inward reaction—I wanted nothing to do with Mr. Pride, and I would have  loved to stay with Mr. Kind all day!   

As I marveled at my strong desire to distance myself from the ugliness and draw close to the sweetness, it made me wonder if others feel the same way about me! When my ugly pride blots out the spirit of humility that God has given me in Jesus—it’s not pretty or pleasant! It certainly does not draw people to Jesus or glorify God. But what characteristic evokes the warmth of God’s presence within us so that others are drawn to Him? The Bible says:

 “Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.”  (James 4: 6) 

A humble spirit is graced with God’s powerful love. Humility is not weakness, it is strength under the control of God’s love. We often think that being proud makes us strong; however, pride robs us of God’s presence. We are nothing without Him! Humility invites God’s Spirit to light our life and extends a strong invitation of love to everyone around us. Humility lights the fire of God’s powerful presence within us!

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