“Be still, and know that I am God. (Psalms 46:10a) My life is mostly like a tornado—not much room for stillness—but getting to know God is rapidly changing that. In the still small moments, He is teaching me marvelous truths. I want more!

I recall one such truth, God taught me on an evening when I watched the sun set on my back deck and rocked my week-old nephew. I listened to his heartbeat and soft breathing as he lay snuggled on my chest with his downy head softly caressing my face. He made little noises as he dreamed and his little toes randomly played around on my tummy. In the stillness, I heard God speak. How?

You see, while sweet Patrick rested peacefully, relaxed, and completely contented, God reminded me that this is how I should be! I’m too caught up in the roar of life and forget WHO God is. When I spend time contemplating His greatness, I trust Him like a child and my entire being relaxes into Him. He created everything. He is the reason I’m typing these words right now. God is the beat in my heart. He sends the rain and the sun and gives me all the good things I possess. God is my Father and best Friend. When I am still, and contemplate His magnificence, I become like baby Patrick was in my arms that evening…completely at peace.  

Take time to be still and know God and you will find unsurpassed peace amidst the craziness of life.

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