More often than not, when my day doesn’t work out according to my plans, my reaction is frustration and disappointment; however, God is teaching me…

I’m much less frustrated and disappointed when I allow Him to be in charge of my plans.

Say what??? What does God know or care about my job, my family, my happiness, or my responsibilities??? Wow—do I really think that arrogantly? Well, I’d say so my plans are making me disappointed or frustrated. BUT—when God plans my day, I’m never disappointed because HIS plans are never thwarted. He is God.

When I realize that He is much wiser than I am, then I enjoy the adventure of the unknown or the unpredictable. This is much easier to do when I constantly remind myself:

God’s plans are not my plans and His ways are not my ways (Isaiah 55:8); AND humility opens my heart to His Divine wisdom (Proverbs 11:2).  

When I make my plans around God instead of expecting Him to work His plans through mine, then—the result—is His. God does not need my clever wit or wisdom, new technology, or my money to touch people and change their lives. Sometimes those things just get in the way! I simply need to know Him better than I know anything, to be real, to love, and to have the courage to share my heart, etc. This is what He created me to do. The Holy Spirit does the rest! When I’m focused on Him, He guides me to efficiently take care of the bills, the job and the other incidental stuff. YES—this stuff is incidental to our MAIN purpose—to glorify God!

I am learning that there is great peace in the center of God’s will and in doing exactly what He created me to do—even when His plan makes no sense to me and I have NO IDEA how it’s going to work out. Enjoy God’s special adventure today—He’s had it planned before you were born, AND—

He made it just for you! 

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