The closer I get to God, the easier it becomes to love people I wouldn’t typically choose  love because the closer I am to Him, the more I see my own need for Him and then—the more I am filled with His love. This change God worked in my heart was not evident to me until one day when I ran into someone at Lowe’s that I hadn’t seen in a long time. This man has chosen a lifestyle that had laid waste to his life. He’s not someone I’d typically choose to share my heart and affection with.

However, as soon as I saw him, God filled my heart with love for him and I locked him into   a bit bear hug.

He was surprised,  I looked him in the eye, and inquired sincerely as to how he was doing. This would NOT have been my greeting to him before Jesus transformed my heart! This man knows that I am a Christian, and I’m sure he was expecting some degree of judgment from me. It was satisfying to see his surprise at the love God. As I shared the blessings of God with him, he seemed to listen with a hungry soul. God, let me plant a seed of hope in him.

Without a doubt, I know he would have never listened to anything I had to say about God, if the love of Christ had not changed my heart and filled me with love for him!  

We can’t share something we don’t have—and that goes double for God’s love. God loves us ALL; He made us ALL in His image; and He sent His Son so that we ALL could be saved. The Bible says: “For there is no respect of persons with God.” (Romans 2:11) People are not going to see God’s love in a tree, a rock, or the sky. WE are the motion picture of God’s love, and if we do not live it, they will never see it. I never want to forget…

God loves me, the sinner; therefore, I can love. 

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