When we pray to God, do we do it in awe of who He is? Why is it important to be in awe of God when we pray? As I was studying about prayer, I learned that awe is important because it has to do with the way we worship God as He deserves to be worshipped and thus, places our life in the proper perspective to be able to pray more powerfully. How does this work?

The Bible says “perfect love casts out fear,” (I John 4:18) and our experience of God’s deep, deep well of forgiveness actually increases our fear of God. (Psalms 130:4) This would seem paradoxical, however, it is not—when we understand grace. The type of fear that love casts out is not the self-absorbed fear that comes from thinking that we are earning our own favor with God; rather it is the kind of fear that is borne of great appreciation and admiration for God. We feel towards Him like we would feel in the presence of our most revered hero—in great awe and anticipation. We do not want to do anything to grieve or dishonor the one we hold in such high esteem, is so glorious, and has done so much for us!

When we learn to place our heart in awe of God, our heart becomes more humble.

As our heart is humbled, God gives us more grace and enables us to hear His Spirit, which is making intercession for us before the Father. When we are praying in the Spirit, we are praying in God’s will which is the way Jesus taught us to pray.

When we are in awe of God, we pray in the power of His sovereign will.

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