How many times have we responded to someone else’s blessing with, “that is just not fair!? I have seen someone receive a blessing—something that I wanted—and thought it was not fair, especially when I thought I was more deserving. This attitude, unfortunately, is a reflection of my dim view of God and His grace. Paul wrote: “Not that I desire your gifts; what I desire is that more be credited to your account. I have received full payment and have more than enough.” (Philippians 4:17) Paul was in prison, yet, he did not envy the freedom of his fellow laborers in Christ. He recognized the profound goodness that he had in Christ—even though he was not living in the freedom and didn’t have the resources and/or gifts of his fellow laborers in Christ.  

When I question God’s wisdom in giving someone else a blessing, I am questioning the very integrity of God’s character.

God knows their circumstances and exactly what they need, so why do I doubt His love? It is like a child becoming upset because her mother gives a gift to her sister. That child is doubting her mother’s wisdom and love; and instead of being happy for her sister, she is envious. God absolutely and unequivocally loves us and unlike a parent, He is perfect. Therefore, we should rejoice in the blessings of others and not worry about whether they are fair or deserved. God knows their circumstances better than we do. Imagine the great blessing to a parent to have a child who can truly rejoice in the blessing of a sibling. Imagine how much more it pleases God to see our heart rejoice in the blessings of our brother or sister in Christ! We can rejoice in the blessings of each other when we know we are priceless to God.

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