What’s the secret to having fewer days where you dread the day ahead, feel overwhelmed or depressed? I didn’t think about this question until one day I realized I was rarely waking up this way anymore. What was different? It wasn’t that I had more money, family, success, beauty, health or wisdom. In fact, I had less of most of these things. Only ONE thing was different: My most priceless possession had become God’s presence. I wanted Him more than anything or anyone. Thus, my circumstances weren’t in control of my life anymore.

God doesn’t dread the day ahead. Nothing overwhelms Him. He is God. When we’re close to Him we rest in His sovereignty—not our circumstances. Our life is a gift from Him. Every day is a gift, even the days with horrible circumstances. The Bible says:

“This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24)

What does “rejoice” mean? Does it mean we shout for joy because our circumstances are great? But what if they’re not? Who “rejoices” when everything is going wrong?

If we only experienced joy when things were good, then we are missing out on the real source of joy that God intended for us to experience.

We develop true, unshakable joy when we look at what Jesus has done. It works—I promise. He lost all joy so we could have it. He died so we could live. He forfeited the relationship with His Father, so we could know His Father’s love. He went to hell, so we could go to Heaven. Clearly His love gives us value beyond measure. Do your fleeting circumstances give you this priceless value? If you think so, then reality is eluding you.

When our relationship with God becomes the deepest, most valuable part of who we are—we know a joy that has nothing to do with our temporal circumstances. Knowing God is knowing the source of joy; in Him, we have an unwavering reason to rejoice.

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