My mother gave me some profound advice about how to help those I love who have strayed from God. In her typical down-home wisdom she said, “honey, just pray and get out of the way.” Her advice was so on point that I wrote and recorded a song about it! It was definitely the prayers of my mother that brought my wandering heart back to God.

Prayer, not intellectual reasoning or persistent persuasion, is the primary reason that God is so real in my life today.

My mother’s advice helped me realize that I was spending way too much stewing about how to best persuade my loved ones with logical or intellectual solutions, when their problems weren’t intellectual…they were heart problems. Prayer is what changed my heart. It was—and still is—the key to winning the battle against my own sinful flesh. No one can make us fall in love with God; but prayer can bring about circumstances that give us a longing for more than the world can offer. No amount of intellectualism can cure the sinful nature.

 The Bible commands us to “pray without ceasing.” (1Thessalonians 5:17) Perhaps the reason it’s so difficult for us to pray consistently and fervently is because the enemy knows it is a very powerful tool!  

My mother is the prayer warrior who stood in the gap and did battle on my behalf against my sinful flesh, the devil, and the world, which were all intent upon destroying my life. Ultimately, it wasn’t anything she SAID that brought me back to God; it was God’s Spirit drawing my stubborn heart with His Love. The power of prayer defies logic and intellectualism; and that, my dear friends, is why we should pray for each other above all else. Thank you, Mother, for inspiring me to “pray and get outta the way!”

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