One morning during my time with God, I was feeling very sore from my CrossFit workout the day before, and God got me to thinking about Gideon. He reminded me the old saying “no pain no gain,” and asked me: “Do you have flabby faith?” Ouch! Are the decisions in my life based upon the path which is easiest or causes the least amount of risk or  pain for myself? This way of living is not the stuff spiritual legends are made of.

Gideon exercised great faith in God when he obeyed God. God whittled his army down from over 30,000 to 300. Then God gave Gideon and his 300 the victory over thousands of fully armed men by using faith, trumpets, torches, and empty jars. (Judges 7:16) Gideon’s faith in the battle, was much less than it was before he fought his legendary battle. Before it happened, Gideon was hiding out from the Midianites. God challenged him to step out to fight. Then, God increased the odds that Gideon would not win and gave Gideon the incredible opportunity to be part of glorifying Him in the victory

If we want to see GOD’S work (not just OUR work), then we need to start answering the call for the impossible.

If we live where we are comfortable and never push ourselves into walking by faith, we will never maximize our ability to glorify God. The more we experience the miracles of faith, the more addicting it becomes. I love it when God leads me to the edge and tells me to take that step off into what looks like the abyss—because it’s then I discover either a bridge I never knew existed or wings I never knew I possessed. Just like we cheat ourselves by avoiding the gym, we cheat ourselves spiritually when we refuse to exercise faith and experience the incredible miracles God does through us! Faith allows us to live like God will do the impossible!  

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