God is seeking to be with us because He loves us. He wants us to receive unimaginable love! Read this verse slowly: “For the Son of man is come to SEEK and to save that which was lost.” (Luke‬ ‭19:10‬) Amazing, right? God is love, but to experience His love, we need to be near Him. We need to pursue and admire Him more than we do our favorite rock star, athlete, hero, friend or lover, Every one of us has probably been a fan of some famous person—but typically, the person we idolize, could care less about us. Certainly our idol is not seeking us. But God is. How silly to idolize someone who doesn’t even care about us.

We may as well hug a cold, hard stone!

Unlike the human icons who could care less about us, God is seeking us. The Bible says: “The Lord looks down from heaven on the children of man, to see if there are any who understand, who seek after God.” (Psalms 14:2) Isn’t it just a little bit amazing that the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe looks to see if we are seeking after Him? What’s even more amazing is when we DO seek Him, we begin to discover Him, His love, wisdom, peace, strength, and—we also discover who we really are. Our time with Him becomes as essential as water or food.

When we stop running from God and begin to seek Him, we begin to realize how much He loves us! Seek God and you will find He is seeking you more; and you will KNOW what it means to be treasured by the King of Kings. The more we are with God, the more we are in love; and—the more we learn to love!

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