I find it’s often a struggle to interact with people as if I believe they have good intentions without also being suspicious of whether they’ll also back-stab or take advantage of me. I desperately want to take people at their word and not also wonder if they have a hidden agenda or an evil motive. How can I love this way in a sinful world full of betrayal?

When we are God’s children, He places this desire in our heart because—He is love.

Of love, the Bible says: “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” (1 Corinthians 13:7) I remember clearly a series of events when I was grappling with both the desire to love someone while also being very afraid of getting hurt, and I finally got around to asking God how to handle it. God and I had this conversation:

Me: “How do I love freely without suspicion and prevent being taken advantage of or hurt?”

God: “Jesus walked the earth for 33 years and was able to love people who were ready to be loved and He stood firm against those who had evil motives.”

Me: “Well, ummm, right. He was God, like You are, and He knew everything in people’s minds so that’s why He could do this!”

God: “Exactly! So the closer you are to Me the more you, too, can discern the heart of man.”

Me: (long silent pause) “Boy, am I slow…”

Maybe everyone else had already figured this out, but I had not! We CAN love freely without having a suspicious mind—when we are close to God. Close to God, we are free!!! We have His perception and instincts about the hearts of those around us. After He taught me this, I’ve seen Him give me this instinct over and over again. He shows me who to love without reservation and he shows me those who are out to bite and devour. He has led me to pray with, love on, and even cry with, complete strangers. I’ve had experiences I would never have had if my heart had maintained an inkling of suspicion about the person. I’ve also felt God’s Spirit within me remain silent around some people so that all I am led to offer is a silent prayer for their heart. It’s unspeakably amazing! Knowing God intimately allows us to love freely because His Spirit reveals who is ready to be loved. 

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