We can never be “in love” the way God intends for us to experience love if our “love” involves sin because God is holy and HIS love comes ONLY from Him. So many times throughout my life I’ve “fallen in love” based upon my loneliness, my need for comfort, fulfilling my physical desires, my need for security, my need to feel “loved,” etc. I justified the relationship, even if it was violating God’s Word! It didn’t even matter to me if the relationship hurt other people because, after all, I was “in love,” and that’s all that mattered. Wow—I acted so shamefully and selfishly. I’m grateful that God sent a friend to open my eyes to the truth!

There is no real or true love with another person—without God.

If we claim to have “true love” for someone while we are violating God’s Word, then we are lying to them and to ourselves. It is impossible to experience God’s love, when we’re “making love” while walking in darkness! God’s Word is clear that we cannot possess God’s love without Him:  “And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.” (1 John‬ ‭4:16)‬

‭God is love, without Him, we can never experience love.

If we claim to be “in love” with someone, but we are violating God’s Word in order to “love” them, then we are not “making love,” rather, we’re destroying it because we’re taking them (and ourselves) away from God—who is the ONLY source of true love. The “love” we’re experiencing is a delusion that blinds us so much that, like a drug, it will lead us into an unimaginable loveless life. In the name of “love,” we wreak havoc upon ourselves and those around us. The worst hell is to be separated from God because then—we’re separated from the only true love that exists. It produces the hellish end of relationships that I see in my office. Is that the kind of love you want?

For all those times I claimed to be in love, but my “love” involved anything that violated God’s Word—I realize now that I was never even close to experiencing love. God used this friend to begin opening my eyes to this truth. He inspired me to desire a relationship where both persons love God more than they love each other! If we want “true love,” we will wait for someone whose life reflects their “true love” for God.

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