One of the most valuable lessons God ever taught me was when a friend I deeply loved—rejected my friendship. All the years spent sharing my deepest thoughts, hopes, and dreams with this person abruptly stopped—like a door slamming in my face—as the person walked away without a word. It was crushing. I had put so much time into the friendship; I had put so much hope into the relationship. It vanished so inexplicably and so abruptly that it sent me reeling into a pit of negative emotions and thoughts. I felt very bitter and betrayed. I still struggle with it. I’m grateful that God used this experience to give me His perspective.

God taught me, first—that He is the only perfect friend that I’ll ever have; thus, my greatest hopes and dreams are most secure with Him.

Second, and equally important, God showed me that the degree of betrayal by my former friend was infinitely less than MY past betrayal of God’s friendship!

What an eye opener! There’s no comparison between the enormity of what God has done for me out of love, and the pittance of loving things I did for my friend. God gave His only Son for me. He continually gives me life, resources, blessings, yet—what kind of friend have I been to Him? I went YEARS without seeking a real relationship with Him! Furthermore, I consistently place more value on my human friends than I do God—as this is evidenced by the time and resources I’ve disproportionately spent on currying favor with friends verses what I’ve spent developing a relationship with Him. This stark realization was especially painful when I thought about my friend who rejected me. I’d often dropped everything for this person—but had I ever been willing to do that for God? Such an amazing realization!

God showed me that when I give Him my whole heart (with the same passion I’d given my heart to my friend) then—He will fulfill my every desire on a proportion greater than any human friendship could ever do! Furthermore, He will never forsake me! Jesus said:”I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” (Matthew‬ ‭28:20‬) The Book of Peter describes God as “the Shepherd and Bishop of our soul.” (1 Peter‬ ‭2:25‬)‬‬ As I’ve began passionately seeking God as my most critically important friend—the experience has been His steadfast love, unfathomable wisdom, and strength beyond imagination. I’ve never had a better friend than God!

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