I’ll never forget one of the most long and painful trials of my career—not because of the issues in the case—but because of the incessant needling and personal attacks by opposing counsel as well as my own miserable struggle to keep from retaliating! Throughout the trial, God kept reminding me: “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against…spiritual forces of evil.” (Ephesians 6:12) God’s Word was a constant reminder to stick to the issues in the case.

This experience was a great training exercise for me because typically when I’m attacked or insulted, I  immediately retaliate. Through this experience, God taught me an important life-lesson about ignoring insults and learnt to stick to the issues of eternal life! Retaliation is wrong. In the face of false accusations, horrible beatings, and death, Jesus didn’t defend himself or retaliate, and—neither should I. He didn’t need to, because He was too busy being about His Father’s work. Am I?

Am I impassioned enough about living for God that I am more concerned about His reputation than my own? 

When we are in love with God, then we are about our Father’s business and we are enraptured with His will instead of our position with men. His goodness opens our eyes and we forsake the misery of vengeance and retaliation. If you find yourself consistently bound up in the need to retaliate, then think about why you believe it is necessary. Is your life too much about YOU and not enough about GOD? It’s the human struggle we all have—but, when we humble ourselves before God, He helps us conquer our own need for self-justification! We don’t need to be justified in the eyes of others when we’re already justified in the sight of God. When God is for us—no man can stand against us! (Romans 8:31) God frees us to live in the fullness of His love!

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