Sometimes, in my passion to seek justice in the courtroom, the line between honest strategy and compromising my integrity gets kind of blurry. I want to justify bending the rules or slanting the truth to obtain what I believe is just! After all, isn’t the future of a child worth winning a case—at ALL costs? When I start feeling this way, I must take a step back and remind myself that God is in control, and—He wins with integrity. Jesus is proof. 

Proverbs 10:9 reads, “People with integrity walk safely, but those who follow crooked paths will be exposed.”

If we make a choice to compromise our integrity—whether it is speeding, cheating on a test, breaking the rules in court, or even just failing to keep our word—then we are living as one “exposed,” and our lack of integrity pops a chink in our armor and makes us more susceptible to failure. Furthermore, breaching our integrity separates us from God’s Almighty presence and hampers us from being all that we can be for His glory.

God’s victories are won without compromising His integrity and He does not need us to compromise our integrity to win battles for Him.

Rather, we most powerfully engage Him when we are close to Him—listening, learning, and being guided by His Spirit. In His presence, we are filled with wisdom and power so great we can’t comprehend it. We live with confidence—looking people in the eye—instead of looking over our shoulder. Living close to the heart of God, we possess HIS integrity. God’s integrity empowers us to live in confidence.

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