Nearly everyone my age has experienced the pits of sorrow when their greatest expectations for romance falls apart. Although many of us won’t admit it, we have a fairy tale belief that finding our true love will mean happy ever after. The commercialization of “love” that dominates the market is proof. We place a priceless value on our looks, status, wealth and accomplishments to find our dream mate.

There is no doubt that love and romance have taken on god-like proportions in our culture.

Why? We have removed God from His place of highest value and substituted many gods—one being love and romance—in His place. We want love without God. He is no longer the greatest treasure of our heart, because we hold to the illusion that another person can give us what only He can.

Ernest Becker, Pulitzer Prize winner for his book “The Denial of Death,” said that one way secular people handle the loss of belief in God is to substitute it with what he called “apocalyptic romance.” We expect romance and sex to give us the sense of meaning that only comes from faith in God. Tim Keller, in his book “Counterfeit Gods” wrote, “No lover, no human being, is qualified for that role.

No one can live up to that. The inevitable result is bitter disillusionment.”

Anyone we love more than we love God—will fail us—because no one can bear the weight of the crushing expectations of our heart. Only God is capable of meeting our every expectation and that is why His commandment to “love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind” (Matthew 22:37) is the greatest commandment. When our greatest expectation for love is in God, He satisfies the greatest expectations of our heart.


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