When I’m walking close to God, He leads me to do things that would have been impossible without Him; and in the moment, I know without a doubt, that it’s a lot less crazy to trust Him than to depend upon myself.

But you know what? I still seem to slip back into the insanity of trusting myself—way more often than you’d think. Why? Independence from God is the original human struggle. It started way back in the Garden of Eden.

God gave Adam and Eve a perfect life and—only one rule: Don’t eat the fruit off the tree in the middle of the Garden. (Genesis 3:2) But Eve allowed herself to be convinced she could live independently from God by the serpent who said: “[If you eat the fruit,] you will not surely die. For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” (Genesis 3:4-5) She believed the lie, disobeyed God, and thus, because she and Adam chose to live independently from the holiness of God, the sin stain would spread throughout the entire human race.

This lie…that we can live independently from God…continues to entice the entire human race—even those who have been born again through the saving grace of Christ.

Do you think you’re immune from this independent bent?

Then test yourself. How often do you make decisions independently from God—throughout the course of even a single day? I’m sure your answer is much like mine: “All the time!” This is foolish—because God has offered us the gift of His unfathomable wisdom and Almighty strength. When we live constantly pressed into His presence, we begin to see it makes more sense to depend upon Him because He knows everything and we don’t. We experience an extraordinary life. You see, God does miracles—things no one else we know—everyday. Just look outside.

The more we totally and constantly depend upon God, the less we want to trust in ourselves. We accomplish far more WITH God than we ever could WITHOUT Him.

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