“Etched on every tombstone are two dates that belong to God — the day God planned our birth and the date God knows we’ll die. Between those two dates is just one simple line – the dash in between – that stands for the time in between that’s yours and mine.” (Scoti Domeij)

Ms. Domeij wrote a powerful testament to the life of her son, Army Ranger SFC Kris Domeij, who was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan 14 times and was killed in action 22 October 2011. She wrote: “Even when others don’t get it, their inability to grasp sacrifice and service will never diminish your service and sacrifice. They simply don’t understand the volume of blood and tears split, the degree of agony and hardship endured, and the number of honorable men and women whose lives were extinguished in battle, so that we as individuals can do what is right in our own eyes. You remind me of what I was taught as a child about how a child of God is supposed to live: ‘Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.’ (John 15:13)” The life Kris lived—that dash between the two dates of his life—was exemplary of how Christ lived for us.

For a child of God, the ultimate sacrifice isn’t ever the end; for when they cross the portal of death, they are swept up into the arms of their Heavenly Father. 

Ms. Domeij wrote: “Goodbyes are the law of earth. Reunions are the law of heaven. When they played taps at Kristoffer’s graveside, heaven had already played reveille, Kristoffer’s wake-up call to rise to live forever with Jehovah, The Lord of Hosts, The Supreme Commander and Chief of all the Armies in Heaven and on earth. When the law of earth plays your taps, my earnest prayer is that heaven will play reveille for you. Please be there.”

How will you fill the dashes in between the two dates God has set for your life? 

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