What ideology do we deem worthy to be the greatest influence on our heart, which is the repository for our deepest hopes, loves, feeling, and directs our commitments and behavior? There are essentially two broad ideological platforms—the secular or the spiritual—and within each, there are many diverse splinters of influence. Each day we make decisions about how to live based upon the one that best answers the big questions that give meaning to our life.

What have you determined is the ideology which gives meaning to your life?

Is it completely satisfying?

My ideology wasn’t—until I allowed God to enlighten my heart. He gave me the purpose for living He had created for me before I was born. How did this happen? Paul the Apostle prayed the Ephesians would have the “eyes of their hearts . . . enlightened” (Ephesians 1: 18). The Bible speaks of the “heart” as being the control center for our entire self. So when Paul speaks of having the “eyes of our heart enlightened,” it means that the truths of the Bible are more than an ideology; they are engrained into our heart to the extent they are actively transforming our entire life. We no longer want to be the person we were before we accepted Christ into our heart because we know that way of life will undermine our deepest purpose in life.

Tim Keller said it well: “We may know that God is holy, but when our hearts’ eyes are enlightened to that truth, then we not only understand it cognitively, but emotionally we find God’s holiness wondrous and beautiful, and volitionally we avoid attitudes and behavior that would displease or dishonor him.” (The Reason For God)

Our greatest purpose in life is to glorify God, who created us and sustains us—for without Him—we have nothing, and we mean nothing.

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