Sometimes it’s tough to distinguish our desires from God’s plan, but—God gives us the wisdom to know the difference. His wisdom is in His Word and it illuminates reality so we can live spiritually enlightened instead of deluded and robbed by fleshly desires.

Our fleshly desires lead us to create a reality that doesn’t exist. We build our own fairy tale until, one day we wake up and find we’ve hit the wall of truth, and our imaginary castle is really a miserable dungeon. We are trapped behind the towering walls of our wrongly insane desire. I represent a lot of drug addicts, and when I talk with them—through a glass window of a jail about giving their life to Chris—it always reminds me of the danger of my own imprisoning desires. The fact is, we ALL tend toward destructive addictions! When ANY desire, whether it be—power, relationships, money, beauty, pleasure, success—becomes our god—we wall ourselves off from the best blessings in our life. 

There is only one exception: Our desire for God.

God knows our deepest desires and has planned blessings beyond our imagination.

How do we determine if our desires wrong? God’s Word gives us the truth; and a relationship with Him gives us the sense to follow it. Any addiction—except for a relationship with God—will crush us. Loving God above all else, frees us and fills our deepest desires. When God is our GREATEST desire, He satisfies us “far more abundantly than all that we ask or think.”(Ephesians‬ 3:20‬)

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