Do you feel so overwhelmed by the misinformation flooding the media channels every minute of every hour about the dangerous rioting and looting, deathly Covid-19, dishonest politicians, doomsday predictions, etc., that the truth seems hopelessly lost? Me too—until I turn it off and turn my mind back to God and His promises. His promises never fail, and when we fill our heart and mind with them and draw close to His presence, we are filled with HIS unwavering truth and peace.

I like to turn the truth in God’s Word into personal prayers and add personal application.

For example, I pray this passage in Proverbs: “May I trust in You Lord with all my heart (help me trust You above anyone or anything), and not lean on my own understanding (nor lean upon the understanding of the talking heads in the news, promises by politicians, or opinions on social media). In all my ways may I acknowledge You (please help me make You the reason for everything I do), and I know YOU will make straight my paths (because You will reveal the crooked ways so I can steer clear of them). Help me not be wise in my own eyes (instead let the light of Your Word guide me); may I fear You, Oh Lord, (so I that I tremble at the thought of not being close to Your presence) and turn away from evil (which will divest me of Your presence). (Because I know, that Your presence and the acknowledging of Your way) will be healing to my flesh and refreshment to my bones (because You, oh Lord, heal the most inward parts of my soul.)” (Proverbs‬ ‭3:5-8‬)

I’m so grateful for the truth of God’s Word that never changes.

When God’s Word is hidden in our heart—then, when we are inundated by lies—we do not continue to hopelessly drift. We remain in the freedom of peace. The truth in God’s Word cuts through the lies and reveals them for what they are. Jesus is the source of absolute truth. (John 14:6) Our hope is in God. The truth about God surrounds us. If we choose the folly of darkness over the wisdom of God—we have no one to blame but ourselves.

The lies are swirling strongly around us right now—but they can’t overcome us if we are anchored in God’s presence. When God’s children seek Him, we become the lamp of truth and hope by which history is written. We have glorious freedom—let’s use it to live in hope!

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