When God takes our burden, we should NOT take it back. But we often do. There are so many times I have prayed for God to take a burden that has me sleepless with worry—and He does. I feel so free and full of light and new ideas. But then, I start to THINK about the burden again and then I find my mind fogging over with worry all over again. Does this cycle sound familiar? 

Why does this happen?

One reason it happens to me is because when God relieves me of the focus of my worry, I don’t replace my focus on HIM. Once I’m free from the anxiety of the burden, I often flit off on my merry way. In other words, instead of using my lack of anxiety to draw close to God—I use it to seek my own pleasure.

That’s not the way I find peace from my burdens!

The Bible says God keeps “him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.” (Isaiah 26:3‬) If we wish to have perfect peace, our mind must be focused on God. Does this sound unrealistic? When we truly believe God is the best thing in our life—seeking His presence is our greatest pleasure. We don’t need to turn our mind off—we need to turn it over—to God. In fact, turning our mind over to God is turning it on! When we seek anything more passionately than we seek God, we end up back where we started when we were living burdened. In other words, we take our burdens back.

If God is not Lord OF ALL in our life, then He is not Lord AT ALL in our life.

When He is ALL in our mind and heart, then we constantly lay our burdens at the feet of the Almighty Prince of Peace. When our life belongs to God, not only does He carry our burdens, but He satisfies us in His presence so we don’t take them back.

When we give God our deepest love He gives us perfect peace!

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