The love between a couple who love God more than they love each other is truly one of the most remarkable and inspiring love stories on earth. It’s the magical love we all want to believe is still possible. I remember attending a wedding of two dear young friends, who unquestionably and absolutely—love God.  They wrote their own vows wherein they both promised to love God FIRST and the other SECOND!

Their hearts were on the same musical score and Jesus had written the tune.

Thus, the adoring bridegroom didn’t need words to declare the depth of his love for his bride as she walked down the aisle, because the tears coursing from his shining eyes and over his huge smile sang the love song God had written in his heart. This precious moment was recorded in heaven and everyone in present witnessed it.

Their love inspired me…to passionately pursue my love for Christ. It is only in my pursuit of Him, that not only what I say and do—but my entire countenance is powerfully changed to reflect His perfect love. It’s only when God’s perfect love dwells in my heart, that there’s no mistaking the genuine love reflected in my eyes—just like what I saw in the eyes of the the bride and groom on their wedding day.

There is no duplicity in God’s love; thus there is no mistaking it for anything other than what it truly is: A reflection of Him.

When God is in our heart, then just like one we adore, He shines in our eyes and lights up our smile. When He adorns our heart, we may adore another person with adoration exceeding our human limitations. Genuine love—is love perfected by God. 1 John 4:8 says: “GOD is love,” thus to really love–we must seek to know Him. When we know Him, “His love is perfected in us.” (1 John 4:12)

Trevor and Dusti, your lives inspire God’s love story!

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