How can one who is a mere human ever adequately describe God’s presence? Until I was all alone and spent many years searching to know Him—I had no description to offer you. I would have been making something up just to appear to be a godly person. Ah, but when I began to pursue Him with all my heart—then I had something real to share!

Don’t laugh—well, you can laugh—at my description of experiencing God. It is real, raw, and transparent!

God is the pureness cleansing and warming my heart like a hot relaxing bath after a hard, grubby day’s work. He is refreshing and renewing like a long, deep sleep in a comfortable bed. He is the wisdom enlightening my mind like I’ve made the discovery of a lifetime. He is the love who holds me close when I’m beaten and abused by the world; and the lion who roars inside of me and gives me courage when the wolves are snapping at my feet. He is the Father who forgives what the world would say is unforgivable.

How can I quantify a presence as magnificent as God?

As I gaze over the river valley below my house and watch fingers of sunlight pierce through the clouds and illuminate small billows on the canopy of fog, I’m overwhelmed that the Great One who is directing this majestic motion picture would reach down and touch my heart with His presence. How thankful I am that He never gave up on me! Even when I was completely ignorant of the wonders of His presence, He knew my searching heart would eventually abandon the insufficiency of my own desires and passionately pursue Him.

Moses had an extraordinary relationship with God (Numbers 12:3) and God was a friend to Him. God promised him: “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” (Exodus 33:14‬)

Oh, how extraordinary it is, that the majestic God of all creation offers us His companionship, protection, love, peace, and wisdom!

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