When God is my greatest reason for living—my life makes sense—even in the chaos. Living even just one day without God on the throne of my heart tends to send me into a tailspin because the evil and problems of this fallen world are overwhelming. God knows this. He knows we need His presence. That’s why His first and great commandment is “to love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.” (Matthew 22:37)

Are you unhappy? Is your life in chaos? Do you feel unsatisfied? Are you afraid of the future?

Remember—GOD—is NEVER ANY of these things!

When God is our Lord—we aren’t either! When He is our greatest passion, His Spirit is freed within us and WE assimilate HIS confidence, strength, satisfaction, joy, and ALL of the fruits of the Spirit.

His presence gives our life meaning and depth; He sorts out the chaos and gives us peace while He does it.

The reason we fall into a meaningless and chaotic existence is because we replace God with lesser gods. In other words, something is more important to us than our close relationship with God. Unlike us, the Greeks gave their gods names. The parallels are striking. For example you say we’re living for the weekend of drinking and partying, the Greeks would say Dionysus is your god. If you believe you MUST have sexual pleasure, even outside God’s plan—then Aphrodite, is your god. If making money is what you believe you need more of then Plutus is your god.

When I say something is your god, what I mean is that it is more important than loving God. In other words subjugating our physical desires to His plan. He has plan is for us to enjoy celebrations, material blessings, and sexual pleasure—with His blessing and in His way. Otherwise, all these things we enjoy, simply end up being enslaving addictions.

These false gods lead us further into the chaos and meaninglessness of life; our God leads us out.

God not only gave us His Son, but He gave us His Word and His Spirit to teach us how to live with purpose, confidence, courage, strength, joy and His unending love. God loves you so much, and when you love Him back, He gives your life meaning in the chaos.

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