On the days when I awaken troubled or crushed by the world, and don’t feel a strong sense of God’s presence, freestyle praying the Psalms opens the door to my heart and pushes the worry out and invites the Spirit in. I often journal my prayers, so I can re-read throughout the day, or so I can go back in time and remember all the things God has done.

This is my prayer from Psalms 16:

Oh Lord, keep and protect me, for in YOU I have found my greatest refuge; in YOU do I put my greatest trust; and in YOU do I hide myself from all that frightens me. YOU are my Lord; I have no good beside or beyond You, for all my righteousness is as filthy rags. Oh Lord, I know there is no god like You, and when I subject myself to the gods of worry, fear, pride, and fleshly desires, remind me that I am just multiplying my sorrows and—draw me back to You, Oh Lord.

Oh Lord, YOU are my all in all! May I choose you above all else, for I know You will hold my thoughts and my path steady; You will light my path and keep me on the path of peace. You will help me lead others on Your path of peace so we will have a heritage of your goodness—now and for eternity.

I will bless You, Oh Lord, for YOU have given me wisdom and have been the instructor of my heart—even when the darkness crowds in. YOU are my light and navigator in the storm clouds. Thus, I will make you the center of all I do. I will set my mind upon You at dawn and dusk, so I will not be moved from the way YOU have planned for me.

Because of YOU, Oh Lord, my heart is glad and rejoices. Even my body rests more confidently for YOU have secured my eternal safety and will never abandon me. Thank you, Oh Lord, for showing me the path of life and the fullness of Your joy. Teach me to love You—like you love me! In Jesus blessed name, Amen.

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