Over sixty years ago in Ecuador, Jim Elliot and Nate Saint set out on a mission to bring the message of salvation to the Huaorani people. Their ministry could have ended when a group of Huaorani warriors viciously killed them and dumped their bodies in the Curaray River. However, grace is more powerful than physical death. In the amazing grace of God, the families of Jim and Nate continued ministering to the Huaorani tribe. Jim’s wife, Elizabeth, spent two years living in the settlement and ministering to the tribe which killed her husband. Nate’s sister, Rachel, spent 36 years living in the jungle ministering to the people who killed her brother.

I can’t imagine doing either—can you?

At age 10 Nate’s son, Steve, developed a relationship with the tribe and began spending his summers with them. In June of 1965, he was baptized in the Curaray River by Kimo and Dyuwi, two of his father’s killers, who, through this ministry of grace, eventually received the gift of salvation.

God weaves a powerful circle when we give others the same grace we’ve received from Him.

When are awakened to God’s immense grace, we are filled with His powerful love and our choice to love others isn’t based on they treat us. God’s love for us becomes our most compelling and persuasive circumstance. Living in God’s love allows us to freely give away whatever we’ve been given—even what is most precious to us. God becomes what is most precious to us. We never run out of giving Him. Although Jim Elliot did not know he would die for Christ, six years before his death on October 28, 1949, he wrote in his journal:

“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.”

Ah, when we pursue a close personal relationship with Christ, we find we need Him more than anything. When we’re close to Him, He reveals the sheer magnificence of His grace towards us. We are humbled and grateful. We are filled with the power to love those who don’t return our love. We learn to love like God. His grace gives us the power to love beyond our own ability.

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