When we walk close to God, we aren’t derailed by false accusations because our life isn’t about us–it’s about Him. He can handle it. His presence gives us His perspective. People’s words can’t change God’s plans! I remember the first time God began teaching me this lesson:

I was in court and another attorney accused me of lying to the judge. This was completely shocking and I was really angry. How dare he falsely accuse me of lying?!? Honesty is the basis of my reputation and livelihood. Later that evening, when I was griping to God about being wrongfully accused–His direction was clear: “Take yourself out of the equation sweetheart—I’ve got you.” Ok–wow! He reminded me that when I’m living for His glory–my job isn’t about me. My job in the courtroom is to honor Him while I search for truth and procure justice (and sometimes mercy) for my clients. When my job isn’t about me, then I can allow Him to handle the false accusations while I focus on the mission.

God taught me that when the accusations arise, I can immediately reach for His hand. When I turn to Him immediately after I’ve been assaulted by a false accusation, He gives me His wisdom to answer, His strength to move on, and even–compassion for my accuser.

God knows the heart heart of everyone–even our accusers.

God said: “Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” (Jeremiah‬ ‭33:3‬) Living for God’s honor doesn’t mean we’ll be free from personal attacks; it just means we can rely on Him to defend us. No one defends their children like God does! However, He can’t protect our heart if we’re running from Him. God’s protection of our heart comes when we seek to know Him and live by His Word.

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