God can speak and freely express Himself through a humble heart. The Bible says: “God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.” (James‬ ‭4:6b)‬‬ The proud rarely hear anyone but themselves. Unfortunately, worldly success, intellectual prowess, great beauty, a great fortune, and worldly accomplishments are some of our biggest obstacles to having God’s Spirit directing our life. Most of the time we’re so proud that we can’t even see it—that is, our pride.

When I met Beth, it brought me closer to understanding the blindness created by my pride.

I was working as a volunteer for the Special Olympics when I met her. She was the shining star of the Special Olympics, as this petite woman had been the first inductee into the Special Olympics Hall of Fame. She walked up to me with no pretense, stuck out her tiny hand to shake mine, looked me in the eye, and said in her sweet voice: “Thank you so much for all the hard work and support you are doing for all of us athletes. We are so thankful for you.” At that moment, as I looked into her eyes and held her hand—I knew I was being touched by God.

I don’t know how else to describe it.

It was such a beautiful moment that it still moves me to tears. I wish this photo better captured her heart. Beth was not prideful about being important or having accomplished great things. It was as if all her “disabilities”placed her in a better position for God to fully express Himself through her. Her talents and accomplishments had NOT stolen her humility.

She was freer from the crippling enemy of pride than anyone else I’d ever met.

Experiencing Beth’s ability to instantly connect me with God’s presence—was a vital lesson. I WANTED that gift! I saw a manifestation of God in Beth, that I wanted others to see in me. It’s so rare to sense God’s presence in those blessed by worldly accomplishments because God’s glory is often crowded out by the pride of who we are, what we’ve accomplished, or what we possess.

When we’re humble, God replaces our pride with His purity.

Humility allows us to understand that it is GOD who gives us our value and then—He fills us with HIS unmistakable presence!

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