“Gifts from God that are not acknowledged as such are deadly to the soul, because they thicken the illusion of self-sufficiency that leads to overconfidence and sets us up for failure.” (Prayer: Experiencing Awe And Intimacy With God, by Tim Keller) When I read this quote, it seemed to sum up the entire story of my life in one sentence. My talents had given me the illusion of self-sufficiency and had led me down the path of failure—over and over again.

I had destroyed nearly everything good in my life before I was humble enough to understand that every gift I possess is a gift from God—given for HIS glory. He created my very life—for His glory, and I’d been living for my own glory. Like a thoroughbred bred for speed, I was trying to live my life running at the bottom of the ocean floor. It was a disaster and—was killing my soul. I had to begin making better decisions if I was ever going to run the race I was born to run!

We were created for God’s glory and—living for God’s glory is a daily decision.

However, it’s not just a mental assent or a discipline of the will; rather, it’s an attitude that permeates our heart when know WHO God is and HOW MUCH we need Him. We become humble and thankful. We are genuinely grateful to Him and it’s manifested throughout our day. Let me give you a real-life example.

If a client thanks me for winning in court, I could easily just say: “You’re welcome.” While there’s nothing horribly wrong about that response, it DOES fail to acknowledge the role of God. As my relationship with God has grown, so has my dependence upon Him in everything. It’s routine for me to ask for His hour-by-hour guidance in my law practice. Thus, when a client thanks me–I can give a testimony to God’s guidance. And, oh, how it lights me up to tell them of His brilliant wisdom! Other times, there may not be a specific story, but there’s always the wondrous testimony that everything good in me—is from Him!

When God’s power, wisdom, and love is our greatest reality, it’s natural to give credit HIM for ALL our gifts!

The Bible says: “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” (James‬ ‭1:17‬) Think about your gifts. Do you allow your intelligence to glorify God or—to garner praise for yourself? Is your athleticism a pedestal for you or—Him? Does your outward beauty draw others to lust or envy, or—show the light of God’s presence?

The lost world needs to see Him–not us.

We each have gifts. We each have a choice about how to use them. We were created for God’s glory. (1 Peter 4:10-11)

When our talents are used for God’s glory–we are the most successful people in the world!

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