The best friendships are those with whom we share not just our soul, but also a Holy spirit-connection. Such was the friendship between Jonathan and David. The Bible says: “Jonathan made a covenant with David, because he loved him as his own soul.” (1 Samuel 18:3) How could Jonathan love David “as his own soul?” Well, it’s supernatural! When God makes our spirit alive through the new birth, He lives in us, and we become capable of loving others like we love ourselves because—we are filled with HIS love.

God is love, and when His Spirit is the common denominator in friendship, it forms a supernatural soul-bond.

Do you have soul-friends like this?

Often, we choose friends based upon common interests, status, wealth, or other external attractions—rather than their relationship with God. These friendship are more like shallow “connections” to boost our societal and economic status or to satisfy our need to feel good about ourselves. To base friendship on circumstances—is tenuous, and even somewhat mercenary.

God created us to experience richer and more permanent friendships.

When we love someone as we “love our own soul,” we do not abandon them based upon changing circumstances. After all, we don’t typically abandon our OWN soul when we screw up, or our circumstances change, do we? Don’t you want friends who won’t abandon you???

Then, connect with people who are passionately seeking to know God AND—seek Him for yourself. 

The bond between friends who share the deepest love, wisdom, and strength of God—is unbreakable because—His character never changes. Furthermore, we don’t need worldly “connections” to be successful when we are strongly connected to God. God doesn’t need the help of people who are famous, powerful, or wealthy to accomplish the amazing purpose He has for us.

God wants us to be allied with people who think and love like He does.

To FIND these kinds of friends, we need to BE one.

A true friend always loves us, will make us wiser, and sticks closer than a brother! (Prov. 17:17; 13:20; 18:24)

Our soul-friends have God’s heart!

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