I remember when I deeply loved someone and how crushing it was when he rejected me. I would do anything and everything for him and he made me believe he felt the same way for me. Then slowly, he began backing away. He would avoid me, make excuses for not returning my calls, and have a reason to cut short any time we were together. But—when he needed something, he would call me and I would foolishly regain hope again! He strung me along for a long time, but finally my heart couldn’t take it anymore—the rounds and rounds of rejection quenched the fire of my love for him. In the process, it taught me a vital lesson that has helped me as much as any lesson I’ve learned.

God’s love for ME outlasted my rejection of HIM.

After I accepted God’s gift of salvation, I rejected Him for nearly 20 years. I took the gift and ran from the relationship.

I wanted God’s benefits without His friendship!

For 20 years God continued to bless me, love me, and wait for my return. I spent little to no time pursuing Him. I lived as independently of Him as I could–seeking Him only when I was in desperate straights. He was my genie in a jug—not my lover. I used His gifts and when it was convenient for me I would “serve” Him—but it was just to make me look good. I built life around what seemed good to me—power, success, children, marriage—but these things were an illusion of security and hope.

The world, without God—never filled me—it just chained me.

I believed the broken world could fix what was wrong with me. But when my “secure” world crashed—God was still there—wooing me back to Him. I’m not sure what’s more mind-blowing to me—the sacrifice He made to be WITH me or the persistence with which He PURSUED me while I rejected and shamed Him. His reason: REAL Love.

Love does not change because it’s been rejected—it waits for the fleeing heart to return.

God loves us with an everlasting love. (Jeremiah 31:3) He desires to draw all of us to Himself. (John 12:32). We didn’t choose Him, He chose us. (John 15:16) We only love Him because He first loved us. (1 John 4:19) God’s love doesn’t change—because God does not change.

When our heart fails to pursue God—He pursues us.

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