Love requires surrender and the more we live independently from others—or God—the less love we experience. So many people I know are extraordinarily lonely. They are successful and wealthy, and even seemingly surrounded by people but—they are starving for real love.

The deepest experiences of love require sacrifice.

How often can you say you’ve experienced the love of someone who has made great sacrifices for you?

Paul prayed that the Ephesians would comprehend the WIDTH and LENGTH and DEPTH and HEIGHT of the love of Christ, “which passes knowledge.” (Ephesians‬ ‭3:18-19‬)‬‬ A love experience that “passes knowledge” means it is unlike even the deepest feelings of love we have felt in a human relationship. That’s because it is a supernatural experience in our soul and spirit as it interacts with God.

God is Holy and therefore, to go deeper into a love-relationship with Him—we must also live holy.

Why would you EVER desire to live in a way that would be considered holy as opposed to living in the pleasures of the world? Simple. When your experience in walking with God is offering you something better than what the world offers! Paul knew this experience—and that’s why it didn’t matter to him that he was beaten, jailed and oppressed—because the presence of God was always better than the comfort or safety of the world. Paul traded his ability to live independently from God for the gift of living in the experience of God’s presence of love.

When we learn that living WITH God is better than living WITHOUT Him—we begin to experience His love in ways our mind cannot comprehend. God’s love becomes a supernatural force in our life that allows us to—love our enemies; sacrifice for the ungrateful; give without expectation of receiving; and essentially—love others more like Jesus loves us.

What are you waiting for?

Trade your independence for a love you will never regret!

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