Our dim view of God often causes us to wrongly judge Him; and thus, live weak and sickly lives because the “god” we’ve created in our mind isn’t capable of handling our problems—much less give us the love we need.

Who do YOU think God is?

In his brilliantly inspired book, “The Shack,” author William Young, characterizes the murder of Mack’s daughter as the “Great Sadness.” The Great Sadness, along with the horrible abuse Mack suffered at the hands of his father, distorted Mack’s view of God. He blamed God for not protecting his daughter from a serial rapist. He blamed God for allowing his father to beat him and his mother. His view of God was terribly warped; and thus, he adjudged God unworthy of a relationship.

This story hit home in my own heart.

My judgement of God’s character based upon my own pain—served to deceive me for years.

I judged God for allowing the evil that caused my scars. I didn’t WANT to get to know an all-powerful God who could have stopped evil but— was too busy, or too uncaring—to prevent it. THIS was my view of God!

I was NOT interested in knowing God—until I was out of all other options and….

…His quiet, gentle love drew me in when I felt forsaken by nearly everyone who loved me. I was shocked by His love—wow—WHO is this God? I wanted to find out—so I began an honest search.

My search for God was really just a search for love.

You see, love is ALWAYS a choice. Jesus made a choice to lay down His life and build the bridge of love to our side of the deep chasm which was forged by sin. He never forced anyone to choose evil. When we chose it, we created hell (separation from God) for ourselves and others. When we choose to come to know Him by receiving His gift of salvation, we step onto that bridge He built. When we fall in love with Him by seeking to know who He REALLY is—talking with Him and studying His Word—we find out He is much different than we thought He was.

God is much BETTER than we can imagine because—He is much GREATER than our imagination. 

Seeking God with all our heart means we long to know Him no matter what the cost. We long for His Word and reject any life-choices that separate us from Him. When we’re close to Him, we discover how good He is and how wrong we were about who we thought He was.

We begin to trust Him with every sadness.

Is heartbreak causing you to lose sleep? Has someone wronged you and you feel like a time bomb ready to explode? Is your past sin clouding you with guilt? God will heal your soul. You do NOT have to live like you’re sick. The Bible says:

“He has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows…He was pierced for our transgressions; He was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his wounds we are healed.” (Isaiah‬ ‭53:4-5)

When you really seek to know God, you will find immeasurable love.

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