One day I found myself in a big funk over someone who had hurt me pretty badly and then—God planted this thought in my mind: “I love that person just like I love you.

It hit me like a ton of bricks.

I was NOT feeling loving thoughts towards this person! In fact, I WANTED that person to hurt! But God has a way of using the TRUTH to level the playing field of love and keeping us from becoming bitter. When we allow Him to change our thinking about the value of others, He helps us to experience a love more deep and beautiful than we’ve ever known.

If you’re experiencing indifference, disrespect, rudeness, rejection, or unkindness from someone you have loved and want them to feel the same pain you do maybe you should ask yourself: “WHY did you show love to that person in the first place?” Were you expecting something in return? Of course you were—you’re human, right?!?

So how can we learn to love without expectation and thus, avoid this ugly swamp of  disappointment?

It all goes back to the treasure of our heart. We must examine WHAT or WHOM we have made the greatest treasure of our heart. Jesus said, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew‬ ‭6:21‬) We guard whatever we treasure, and when someone takes it from us—we can be downright ugly. This includes relationships with people.

We must make our relationship with God our greatest treasure because He NEVER disappoints us! 

When God is the treasure of our heart, our greatest anticipation is to receive everything we need from Him—not anyone else. It frees us to love people without expectation. God fills us with the treasure of His joy. We don’t expect to receive greater joy from another person, because we know there is no greater joy than Him. His presence changes us and purifies our motives. When we learn to give like He does, we give the joy we’ve been given, and we’re joyful just to see others experience it. We don’t need their approval, respect, thanks, appreciation or reciprocation because–we have God.

God loves us more than we love ourselves.

His goodness to us gives us a deep well of immense joy; and when we are filled with Him, He enables us to give to others with a pure heart and without regret. His joy enables us to plant seeds of love without any expectation from the receiver. He is our great expectation and our greatest treasure. He resides in our heart—where no one can steal Him.

When God is the greatest treasure of our heart, we stop looking for treasure in places we’ll never find it.

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