Would you ever choose a life of being alone every night, tortured by silence, devoid of sunshine and sights and the sounds of nature, unable to go anywhere, deprived of holidays, birthdays and human touch—along with all of the other joys of freedom?

I definitely couldn’t ever see myself choosing to check myself into a prison!

But—I often allow my heart and mind to stay imprisoned in unhealthy thoughts which spiral into a VERY sad way of life! Unhealthy thoughts are enemies of our soul—and they sneak in all kinds of ways! For example, if you are lonely your thoughts may drive you to subject yourself to a “love” relationship with someone who is demanding, jealous, and alienates you from the people who love you. Or, if you’ve been abandoned by a good friend—you may not be able to stop thinking about the pain they’ve inflicted on your heart and so stay imprisoned in unforgiveness—which makes you a raging and bitter person you don’t even recognize! 

We NEED to know the truth so we can avoid becoming imprisoned!!!

You see, we have two masters to choose from—an evil master who imprisons our mind; and a Good Master Who frees it.

The evil master runs a stinking, filthy, miserable prison and rules his worshippers with an iron fist of hate and fear. His name is Satan. If his worshippers knew who He really was and what he was about—that is, their ENEMY who wants their death and eternal misery—they would NEVER choose him. But he is sly, and he packages himself as light and goodness. He’s very successful because He has tricked most of the world’s population into believing that the Good Master is NOT GOOD enough to merit their FULL allegiance.

BUT—the Good Master runs a Kingdom of free citizens who have chosen to live in the circle of His love. His worshippers are there because they desire HIM more than anything. They are overwhelmed by the love, mercy, joy, wisdom, strength, and grace they experience in His presence. They have a strong knowledge of gratefulness towards this great Master who He died to redeem their life. They KNOW He is good!

Which master reigns supreme in YOUR thoughts???

You see—even those of us who have chosen to serve the Good Master—are often led astray by the sneaky maneuvering of the evil master. He EVEN takes good things and convinces us they are a valid substitute for the Good Master so we worship them more than we worship God. When we make anything or anyone more important than God—we check ourselves back into that dark dungeon, where soon all we see are the bars and walls of our unsatisfied desires.

If we are a child of God—we have the key of freedom and—His name is Jesus! 

“If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” ~Jesus (John 8:36) 

Jesus is NEVER imprisoned by sin; and He died so we could live free! When we draw close to Him—we ALSO live in this glorious freedom. Yes, while we are on this fallen globe, living in a sin-torn body, we will struggle with the temptations that imprison us—but the more we fall in love with the Good Master—the less we’re deceived by the wiles of satan. We run at the sight of any “sin which so easily besets” us! (Hebrews 12:1) Read His love letters to you, talk with Him, worship Him—and He will become King of your thoughts. 

When God is the greatest love of our life, we live as free as He does!

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