Kimberly Faith is also a licensed attorney in the states of Missouri and Arkansas. She has been practicing for about 25 years and has a support staff of six ladies and one associate. She practices out of two offices: One in Waynesville and one in Houston. Her office plays an integral part of the work of Faith Strong as it provides financial support and staffing.

“I’ve had many people give me great advice; however, one of the best pieces of career advice I was given came from another attorney. I gave birth to my oldest child about three weeks after my second semester of my first year in law school. Everyone thought I would drop out. Shortly after that, we moved and I had to delay my law school for a year because we were in transition due to the military. During this transition, I did an internship with an attorney in Virginia named Alexis Crow. I shared that I wasn’t sure I could finish law school. After all, I had started at the University of Arkansas and we were living in Virginia about to be stationed at Ft. Knox, Kentucky where there was not a law school close by. She told me that I was not allowed to give up because God had a great plan for my life. She would not take no for an answer! She told me I had a great mind and it would be a sinful shame to waste it! Yikes! She encouraged me to seek God to find the answer. Well, He worked it out–and I’m so glad I listened to her advice! I know she was right. I love the practice of law because it allows me to have so many opportunities to help people–not only with their legal issues, but also to branch out and financially support other great endeavors. Our law firm has been blessed to be able to finance the building of a children’s home and medical clinic in Nicaragua and it was such a joy to see photographs and hear the stories of the people whose lives were touched!” ~Kimberly Faith

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