Essential Faith – Volume I
Release Date 2016

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Released in 2018!

Kimberly Faith has been working non stop at her law firm and diligently with her team this year. She is working on Volume 3, new singles to share that feature her father and has even started a prayer book! It’s been a busy 18 months  but she’s excited and feeling blessed to share God’s work with you!

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Single – Release Date 2017

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Single – Release Date 2017

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Single – Release Date 2017

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Single – Release Date 2017

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Album – Release Date 2016

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Album – Release Date 2014

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Single – Release Date 2018

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Reviews of Essential Faith - Volume I

“After reading quotes from this devotional for the past few months on Twitter and feeling the Spirit of God tug in my heart, I purchased it. I haven’t been disappointed.

The author takes readers on a one-year journey with glimpses into her life. I find myself going back and re-reading and meditating on beautiful nuggets of spiritual wisdom. It’s written by an accomplished writer but the focus is on Christ. I highly recommend this devotional.” ~Rom3:22, Amazon Reviewer


“I was given this book as a gift and it truly is a gift! It gives the reader an intimate look at the author’s journey to build her relationship with God. Written with humor and grace you feel as if you are there with the author as she comes to know the Lord and struggles to become the person He has called her to be. I will be purchasing copies for all my female family members! An open and honest book at what it takes to daily spent time with and get to know our savior!” ~Mary Aiaka Kent


“This book really speaks to me. Buy it, you won’t be disappointed!” ~Lori Retz


“Essential Faith helped our family through a tough year and a half. Everyday it lifted us up and gave us hope. A biblically sound daily devotional, that just opens up the word of God and will meet you wherever you are in your walk with the Lord. This book is a great companion to have by your side!” ~Amazon Customer


“One of the most moving devotionals I’ve ever read. I’m rereading it while waiting for the next volume. Very real. Very relevant to life.” ~S. Bonner

Review of Come Thou Fount - Single

5 star Review:
“Absolutely amazing! Beautiful song sang by beautiful people!”

5 star Review:
“Love the rich harmony in this beautiful song!”

Reviews of Sleep, Holy Child - Single

“Vocalist has a great voice. Great fingerpicking on the guitar. Everything sounds balanced… Good levels, the instrumental isn’t crowding or clashing. Doesn’t sound muddy. Song structure is good. I liked the soft-spoken change-up at about 265 sec. Would I buy music from this artist? Yes, I think I would.” ~ReverbNation Review


“I love the music here, it is ideal for these lyrics and so well done. It is beautiful to listen to. The lyrics are amazing, perfect and they bring warmth to your heart.” ~ReverbNation Review


I like the gentle start to this song. I like the soft-spoken, female vocals. I like the lyrics and their positive message. I like the Religion theme. I like the production. The producer has found a nice balance between all of the channels.” ~ReverbNation Review


“I really enjoyed the overall sweetness and tenderness in this song. I thought the guitar was wonderfully played and the singer’s voice was great.” ~ReverbNation Review


“I love the smooth, soft vocal talents. This is a great song to fall asleep to or relax to. The title is also excellent and perfect for the holiday season.” ~ReverbNation Review


Beautiful guitar and piano work, and a lovely vocal. Such beautiful lyrics and images this song creates. Unique, very different and very well done. Oh, love the strings, cello, etc. Yes, keep up this great work!!” ~ReverbNation Review


“This is a beautiful gospel song, very heartfelt and the voice of the artist it’s beautiful, the melody fits perfect with her angelical voice and the song is soothing. I would like to hear more from this artist.” ~ReverbNation Review


“I like the guitar at the start of the song, the singer has a very smooth voice, that is really nice. I like this song a lot, it’s powerful, her voice is really soothing and I love to hear her voice.” ~ReverbNation Review


“Really beautiful song! Well put together lyrics and the instrumental of the song was beautiful. Overall it was a very engaging song and created deep thought.” ~ReverbNation Review


“A beautiful and soulful ballad with the gentle stroking of an acoustic guitar. The female vocalist has a beautiful, soft voice. The lyrics were written well and the song well performed.” ~ReverbNation Review

Reviews of Freedom's Dream - Album

“Wow. Music, lyrics, voice. All there. Loved it.” ~S. Bonner


“The fresh breath of the Spirit!” ~arcent – Amazon Review


“Beautiful! You can hear the spirit move in this singer. A joy to listen to and an uplifting break to my day!!! I bought copies for my family!” ~Mary Aiaka Kent


“Peaceful music to spend time with God to. I can listen to this on repeat all day!!!” ~chaefry – Amazon Review

Reviews of Walk On - Song from Freedom's Dream Album

“Excellent song with a good collection of instrumentation of these guitars playing. This singer has a good sweet voice. This is a country type song or folk but the song is very good and has a nice drum beat, too. The lyrics are excellent and the track in itself is well done in production. Very good song. Excellent job!” ~ReverbNation Fan


“Yes, the song was great; very catchy and energetic. Put me in a good mood and liked the lyrics, also the instruments used were on point with the artist tone of voice. Loved the rhythm and will be looking up the artist for more music.” ~ReverbNation Fan


“The song has quite a nice energetic feel to it from the start. The vocals are quite good as well and suit this song very well. The thing I like most is the way you used the instruments in the tune to give it a really uplifting feel.” ~ReverbNation Fan


“Your voice works perfectly with this song! I’m impressed with the quality of the instrumental and the backing vocals are perfectly placed. This song is so uplifting, I love it. The chorus lyrics are great. Also, the quality and power of your voice fits the song perfectly.” ~ReverbNation Fan


“This track is very soothing and calm and I love it! I will rate this track 10/10 because it is calm and something you just sit back and enjoy the song! I love it because it also has a mix of 2 types of music: hip hop and pop!” ~ReverbNation Fan


“I love the banjo, it’s great. I also really love that this song is about God, it really gives me strength when I hear it. It’s a song with meaning and inspiration. The singer also has a nice country voice, overall it’s a good song.” ~ReverbNation Fan


“The empowering lyrics are very deep and tell and inspiring narrative. The chorus is very catchy and very memorable. The singer’s gutsy delivery really works on the track. She has a good voice that keeps you engaged. The authentic country sound is amazing. The banjo sounds good and ives the track a good mood.” ~ReverbNation Fan


Reviews of Best Friend - Single

“She has the traditional country sound, which I really like a lot. She reminds me of the music that was put out by Reba, Tanya Tucker, etc. The music and lyrics are good, but the vocals are the best part.” ~ReverbNation Review


“I thought that the instrumentals for this song were really good, especially the guitar. In addition, the singer had a pretty nice voice. They lyrics were also kind of cool and were nice and unique.” ~ReverbNation Review


“An upbeat and fun loving musical opening that serves as a good intro for a female vocalist who has a lot of talent and passion in their lyrics and the tone they bring to the track.” ~ReverbNation Review


“This was a nice track here with a low and smooth melody to it. I liked the way the track came together overall. The recording and sound quality also sounded professional.” ~ReverbNation Review


“Faith has quite delightful sounding voice and her tone is great for this track. The music is pretty good and I like how the guitar has a clean playing sound to it.” ~ReverbNation Review


“Her voice is so pretty! I thought the blend of music and singing were perfectly done. Neither was too loud or too quiet. I would listen to more music from her.” ~ReverbNation Review


“Plenty of things going right for this song, from the vocals to the production of it… Flawless. Would really look forward to listening to the artist again.” ~ReverbNation Review


“The tempo and rhythm of the song is classically country. The vocalists are mature and well-balanced. The lyrics are open and positive, which is rare lately.” ~ReverbNation Review


“The beat of the song is great. The singer has great vocals, the lyrics are good, I would buy the song. I like it-really sounds great.” ~ReverbNation Review


“I liked this song. It was fun and heartfelt, she has a great voice. I would buy this song and share it with my friends.” ~ReverbNation Review